Order not placed

Supii12345Supii12345 Meesho Member Posts: 5
Money got deducted but order not placed. Please Meesho refund my money as soon as possible.


  • Supii12345Supii12345 Meesho Member Posts: 5
    I got my refund. Thanks Meesho 
  • Priyanka013Priyanka013 Meesho Member Posts: 1
    Hi Meesho Team, 

    My amount of Rs 515 got deducted while using meesho App. Also my order was not placed. I was doing payment from Google pay. 
    I want refund of my amount 
    Below are details as
    Payment Id
    Paid On
    18th Nov, 2020
    Fashnear Technologies Private Limited 
    [email protected]
  • RipalbenRipalben Meesho Member Posts: 2
    edited November 28
    Hello Meesho Team, 
    We tried to place order today. Payment has been dedicated from google pay but order has not been place. Could you please refund the deducted amount. 

    To:Fashnear Technologies private limited
    [email protected]hdfcbank
    Payment date: 29th nov, 2020
    Amount: 1188(1115 from bank+ 73 Meesho credit) 
    Please let me know what information is needed
    from my end. 
    Thank you.!! 

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